Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are You Listed in Google Places?

There’s so many great ways to increase your horse business exposure that are free. Of course, when I say free I mean that you don’t have to pay for them, but you will have to devote some time instead. One way is to get your horse business listed on Google Places, and in fact you may discover that it’s already there. If it’s already there, you’ll want to be sure the information is representing your business correctly. If it’s not already there, you are missing a chance at an online yellow pages of sorts. Plus, it helps to drive more traffic to your website. You can create coupons for those that find you this way, which provides you with some information about where your prospects and business is coming from. And on top of that, you can upload photos and video.

It’s really easy to either correct your listing and/or add to it, or to set it up if there isn’t one there. Follow these steps:
1) Go to Log into your account if you have one. If you don’t have one go ahead and create one. Google has lots of cool tools to use once you have an account and I’ll talk about more of these in future blogs.
2) After you’ve logged into your account or created a new one a link will appear that says “List your business.” Click on that.
3) The next piece of information Google asks for is your phone number. By filling this in, the system looks to see if it has any information on you. If it does have information it will pop up. You can correct the information that may not be right. If they don’t have you yet, fill in the information they are asking for.
4) Since Google doesn’t want just anyone signing up somebody else’s business with false information, the next thing that they do is to verify that you really are a representative of the business. They do this by giving you a PIN that you will have to enter online. You can choose one of two methods for them to send you the PIN. They can call you with it or you they can send it to you on a postcard. I did all of these steps in one sitting and chose the phone call, which came instantaneously. The postcard method will take longer.

Now you should be all set. You can create coupons for prospects and clients to download which offers another promotional tool for you. And it’s fun to go to and enter your business name and see it pop up. Don’t expect overnight results from having listed yourself here, but do include it as one thing you can measure about your marketing and track quarterly and annually. You may find that during some seasons you have more contacts this way, which in turn can help you plan out promotions you might want to offer at different times of the year.


  1. Great information Lisa, I just finished creating my listing and it was easy. The reply from Google states that it will take about a day to begin showing the listing.. Thank you!


  2. It is a very simple process - thanks for confirming that for everyone Marie! Every little bit of marketing a horse business can do is helpful.